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The Master Coach Membership supports group and 1:1 development.

We help you build an offering to galvanize your audience to a new an innovative community experience. Develop your own communications platform to teach, inspire, and connect with your fans and participants today!

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The Master Coach Membership allows you to build a profitable practice living online.

Build Membership

Rally your fans and program participants in an exciting, integrated learning environment. Utilize our automated marketing outreach and regular communications approaches to enchant a broad and talented audience.

Deliver Value

Create a rich, innovative live experience teaching, coaching, and delivering fantastic and timely content. Build Microlearning courses and stay in touch with participants in a dynamic environment 24/7.

Get Paid

Imagine a day when you can actually make money when you sleep.The LeaderJam Master Coach program allows you to build an audience of learners and participants, provide them exciting and fulfilling content and programming, and get paid monthly as you go!

Build a Master Coach Membership as a market leader.

Pick your area of learning to engage with fans and learners. Create compelling learning and content to support your participants and fans. View and plan upcoming a schedule with your members in a series of live learning sessions. Track progress. Drive results. Drag. Drop. Develop!

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The LeaderJam Experience
LeaderJam’s Broadcast Center allows you to create live sessions, build learning play lists from an open source library, and create continuous connection with your members. Become a thought leader and market leader in your segment. Work with a broad group of fans around critical subjects. Drag. Drop. Develop!

The Master Coach experience reaches market leaders everywhere.