Master Coach
Carol Marak
Teaches Guide To Aging Solo
Take Charge Of Your Future

The Solo and Smart Master Group Coaching will help participants to create a secure, connected, and supportive life as one approaches mid-life. It requires planning for the top concerns that put you at risk. Those include: Health, social connections, reliable support, finding purpose, and living in a place where it's safe and encourages independence. If you want to be confident in your mid-life and to avoid uncertainty and doubt, it behooves you to identify, assess, and plan for the potential obstacles that could get in the way of enjoying life down the road. My guided action steps give participants the know-how and confidence to create a life worth enjoying. The tools given in the class will equip participants; widowed, single or divorced, to tackle tough issues like finding a health care proxy, forming a personal care support team, gain self-reliance, and other issues when they live apart from family members or have none at all. If you resonate with the question,

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