How are You Perceived as a Leader? And Why it Really Matters...

Jennifer Deane, Executive Leadership Coach, shares her proven process to help you identify, streamline and build on your authentic leadership identity ... aka your "Leaderstamp". Learn simple, powerful, tactical actions to help you advance each phase of the process in the context of your everyday work.


Presenter: Jennifer Deane,
In this session, you will learn:
  • Define the way you are projecting yourself as a leader
  • Refine your identity to ensure you are showing up with authentic purpose and vision
  • Align your daily habits and behaviors to reflect your identify and improve your performance

imageJennifer Deane, PCC is an Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. She has over 17 years of experience helping to bring out the best in people who seek to lead themselves and others in a more engaged, productive, and purposeful way. For the past 8 years, Jennifer has worked extensively alongside women in leadership positions to help them develop into visionary, confident, and inspirational leaders. Jennifer has delivered leadership and communication training and coached senior executive women across Canada, the US and Mexico. Central to Jennifer's approach is the idea that all leaders must be exceptional listeners and communicators to inspire positive change. She believes organizations are training grounds for developing engaged global citizens and stewards of our planet. At the foundation of her work lives her core belief: the most effective way an organization can attract and engage their people, is to foster a culture of coaching and accountability. Jennifer lives in North Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two daughters who remind her constantly that they are only 8 and 12 and while they are committed to changing the world, they need to do it alongside being young girls. Recent clients include, Vancouver Coastal Health, The Humphrey Group, The Women’s Enterprise Centre, LUSH Cosmetics, The British Columbia Lottery Association, YYoga, Keyano College, Community Futures of Howe Sounds, Interior Health, Fitin30, Ottawa Hydro, and the Healthcare Leaders Association of BC.

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