The Power of Leadership Development: Drive Your Organization with Agile Teams

Leadership development is the #1 driver of success for individuals and organizations according to Deloitte-Bersin. But how do you create and sustain an effective leadership development program for yourself or your organization? What demands do organizations face in the modern world that make a new leadership development approach a high priority? Kevin Sheehan and Chip Carter--the CEO and COO of LeaderJam--will explore these questions and reveal how LeaderJam can drive a new level of applied-learning and productivity for you and your organization.


Presenter: Kevin Sheehan and Chip Carter
In this interview, we will explore:
  • Why leadership development and agile teams drive individual and organizational success
  • Key elements for a cost-effective, sustainable approach for every leader in the organization
  • How LeaderJam drives development and business problem-solving with a modern platform

imageKevin Sheehan is the CEO and co-founder of LeaderJam LLC, the first global platform for engaging corporate teams with top experts and content to drive change in organizations. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and is best known for creating Hear Music—an innovative music retail company, acquired by Starbucks, that helped redefine the national segment for two decades. He received his MBA from Harvard where he was named “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Chip Carter is the Chief Operating Officer of LeaderJam. He has served as a technology leader, executive and health coach, mindfulness teacher, strategist, executive board member, software architect and developer. As a CIO/CTO and interim CMO working for two large global NGOs (Mercy Corps and Plan International), he led sweeping, large-scale infrastructure changes, fundamental shifts in business practices and culture, and dramatic productivity improvements.

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