Building Personal Peak Performance And Sustaining It!

High personal performance requires emotional sensitivity, optimized thinking, decision-making and action that propels you forward and upward. But how do give your personal performance engine a broad tune-up? What are the psychological and behavioral requirements and steps? And how do you keep your road-map (performance plan) focused on your desired outcomes? Bob Fahrer explores the essentials to create very high-level thinking and behavior to achieve peak performance in all spheres of life.


Presenter: Robert Fahrer, LeaderJam Coach
In this session, you will learn:
  • How peak performance at work is threatened by attributes of the modern world. Higher-level threats will be made explicit.
  • The interplay of life-work balance, flexible planning, and mental focus in building & sustaining high performance.
  • The non-fluff building blocks required to build high personal performance and necessary steps to bring it together!

imageBob’s linked careers across four decades in diverse industries - defense/military, higher education, finance - have led him to positions as University Vice President and Washington State higher education Manager of Compensation, investment banking wealth management official, and USAF and ANG Chief of Staff, Director of Training and Director of Middle East Studies. During his military career, Bob served as squadron executive officer of a concealed Air Force unit whose mission was on-the-runway testing the first USAF and D.O.D. drone aircraft to capitalize on its greater stealth and efficiency. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel after directing a team-developed, nationally known Leadership Academy. Bob has consulted with the University of Alaska’s and the University of Alberta’s C-suite executives to improve institution efficiencies and build intentional productivity improvements into their institutions. He has made a lifelong commitment to whole-person growth, constant personal and organization development, living fully, and summiting often. Emotional intelligence (E.Q.), seen as a main driver of productivity gains, as well as increased human health and well-being, was incorporated into his skill-set after becoming a certified consultant with Learning In Action Technologies’s (LIAT) E.Q. system. Bob’s Ph.D. centered on higher education policy and planning; his notable Ph.D. dissertation on stress among higher education faculty was a springboard toward additional expertise in mindfulness, pinpointing and modifying stressors acting as barriers. He has consulted with a range of business owners, with senior Microsoft and other significant IT professionals and a wide array of clients on developing a lifelong focus on change and its management utilizing the foundational work of the London School of Economics professor Herminia Ibarra. Bob was the designer and director of an uncommon USAF Middle East Studies program, for which he was trained at the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) and in the Middle East. Bob then became a member of 2 private working groups that met with nation-state presidents, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli cabinet members and the U.S. Congress, to use information obtained from these meetings to advocate U.S. Middle East policy changes. While V.P. - Student Affairs at South Dakota’s Northern State University he provided leadership to a University-wide special committee to construct a student wellness program. As current co-chair of a symposium whose mission is to provide perspective and build skills about global large-group ethnic/political/cultural conflict resolution, Bob was successful in efforts to gain the participation of a 5-time Nobel-nominated psycho-political professional who, with his team, will be the centerpiece of the 2.5-day event. He has recently been a member of a notable nonprofit Board, the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund, named after the now-deceased mother of President Barack Obama who lived her pre-adult years in Bob’s community. His eternal interests and challenges include family, deep concerns about climate deterioration, hiking, catch-and-release fishing, repeated summiting of Mt. Rainier, skiing and enjoying a wide range of music, reading and quiet contemplation. Bob graduated from the Hudson Institute of Coaching, and is a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology and the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

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