Become Conflict Competent

Conflict in workplace settings is inevitable. Avoiding it is not effective, and can exacerbate the stress associated with it. What does an evidence-based approach look like for managing conflict and simultaneously building resilience? KJ Shapiro -- drawing heavily on Craig Runde's work -- walks through constructive behaviors to deal with conflict, avoid burnout and build resilience.


Presenter: Karen Jo Shapiro
In this session, you will learn:
  • The anatomy of conflict and how it's expressed in organizations and employees.
  • The impacts of poorly managed conflict, including workplace burnout.
  • Some constructive behaviors -- like perspective taking -- to manage conflict and build resilience.

imageKaren Jo Shapiro is an executive coach and trainer with a practice in assessment, leadership development, team facilitation, and career planning. With a background in clinical psychology, she brings a deep understanding of how to facilitate behavioral change in individuals and groups. She specializes in coaching leaders of all levels to increase self-awareness for enhanced interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace, and helps them to strategically manage their careers. As an independent consultant, Karen Jo has worked with corporate leaders across departments for a wide range of companies, including Eastman Chemical, Kao, State Farm Insurance, Amway Corporation, Intermatic Inc., Biscuitville, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Deere Employees Credit Union, Moody’s Corporation, Ryan, LLC, Mosaic, JLG Industries, The Hershey Company, Twist Marketing, Phacil Inc., Glanbia Nutri, Time Warner Cable, Fidelity Investments, and many more. In addition, Karen Jo has worked extensively with leaders and professionals at Elon University, and consults to non-profit and government organizations. She has a particular interest in working with emerging leaders and has helped many such leaders to enhance their team leading skills, and to become more effective coaches for their direct reports. Karen Jo has led numerous customized workshops on developing conflict competence, building supervision skills, giving effective feedback, understanding team dynamics, managing change and more. She is known by her colleagues and clients for her warm and approachable manner matched with an insightful and deep-thinking style. Karen Jo has been involved in contributing to a number of initiatives including the Babson Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork program and the Triad Coaching Connection. She is a founding fellow at the Institute for Coaching at Harvard/McLean. Karen Jo has been on adjunct faculty at Center for Creative Leadership since 1999, and is also an affiliate with the HR Group. Karen Jo is a licensed psychologist in MA and NC, and she belongs to the National Register of Psychologists. With a Psy.D. from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, and as a Board Certified Coach, she is qualified in many assessment tools, and has been certified in the Workplace Big 5, Benchmarks, Influence Style Indicator, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile. She is also a member of the Guilford County Psychological Association, a consultant at the Guilford County Non-Profit Consortium, and is a founding fellow and member of the Institute of Professional Coaching at Harvard/McLean. She is the principal of Your Next Steps Coaching, which provides personal, career management, and leadership coaching, along with workshops, facilitation, and assessment for development.

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