Leading Millennials: Myths vs. Facts

Are you struggling with team engagement? Trying to get away from the top-down style of leading? Weren’t trained on how to manage teams? Join Bryan Nadeau, a LeaderJam coach from Vision to Reality Coaching as he shares insights on applying new leadership skills to become a courageous millennial leader, or a leader of millennials.


Presenter: Bryan Nadeau, ACC
In this session, you will learn:
  • Learn how leadership has changed rapidly over the last decades and what it means in 2019.
  • Learn about new leadership traits and how to apply them to become a courageous leader.
  • Understand the specifics of managing millenials or managing as a millenial today.

imageAre you . . . An Executive Team not trusting each other? CEO stuck in relationships and avoiding conflict? Culture of burn-out? High turnover? Bryan Nadeau, CEO and Founder of Vision to Reality Coaching, is a Leadership Advisor helping biotechs/small businesses build and grow their human capital for success. Through strategic planning, high performing executive teams, and organizational culture, companies have a clear direction, aligned executive team, and employees that are excited about Mondays again. When Bryan connects with clients, he develops untapped potential and identifies areas for growth and development. Bryan’s approach consistently leads clients to identify actions for immediate impact, sustainable change, and measurable results. Bryan focuses on your strengths. I help you succeed AND discover your full potential. Change is a growth opportunity and change means new experiences. Change can also overwhelm, and change can intimidate. No matter what you do, or in what industry, I help you navigate change. Bryan brings decades of health care industry experience, technical knowledge, flexibility and intuitive awareness to his Leadership Advisor practice. When you work with Bryan, you identify your strengths, challenge your potential, seize growth opportunities, address areas for development, bring clarity to your vision and execute on that vision. He works with clients on everything from career development, influence, communication style, to changes in geography, logistics and family. Bryan is also able to develop and drive effective team dynamics while cultivating and building a culture of trust and respect that allows for teams to excel in their purpose. Bryan sees the whole picture and the whole person. He is a trusted advisor to help you address your personal and professional needs and requirements, to enhance your ability to lead with greater influence and impact. And that is how you can make your vision a reality.

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