Leading Millennials: Myths vs. Facts

Are you struggling with team engagement? Trying to get away from the top-down style of leading? Weren’t trained on how to manage teams? Join Bryan Nadeau, a LeaderJam coach from Vision to Reality Coaching as he shares insights on applying new leadership skills to become a courageous millennial leader, or a leader of millennials.


Presenter: Bryan Nadeau, ACC
In this session, you will learn:
  • Learn how leadership has changed rapidly over the last decades and what it means in 2019.
  • Learn about new leadership traits and how to apply them to become a courageous leader.
  • Understand the specifics of managing millenials or managing as a millenial today.

imageAre you a leader in biotech frustrated with any of these challenges: Your executive team lacks trust among its members, which is evident to the workforce and slows down innovation? You have high turnover of key talent, which comes at a high cost (time and resources) and drain of institutional knowledge? Everyone used to get along in the earlier stage of the company, which might indicate your company now has a toxic culture? Clients from biotechs and beyond come to me to solve those issues in ways that have direct impact on performance and the bottom line. That way you have a fully engaged and committed workforce, which allows for greater innovation, getting drugs approved and to the patient faster. As CEO and Founder of Vision to Reality Coaching, I help biotech leaders get their executive team on the same page about strategy and execution, while also creating and leading a truly engaged workforce. I bring decades of health care industry experience, technical knowledge, and flexibility to my practice. When we work together, we identify areas of stress, influence, and competing agendas, to understand what is important, why, next steps. You also strengthen your ability to create effective teams while shaping a culture of trust and respect that allows your teams to excel. If you are a leader in biotech and want to enhance your influence and impact, as well as team performance, we should connect. To learn more, visit

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